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Free download Android Multi Tools v1.02b (Latest Version). Android multi-tools (v1.02b) are most important for android smart devices. We manage Android Multi Tools here, free for Android smartphones and tablets. Do you recognize about 50% of the humans who overlook the sample of the cell phone, and set up new software?

They erase all the data, all the contacts saved onto the phone, the media files, the snapshots, and an awful lot extra different necessary data.

There must be a tool, which ought to do away with the lock sample besides putting in a new software program on the phone. Barring casting off the facts saved on the phone’s storage.

Pattern Lock

Here, we are going to grant Android Multi Tools, which will do away with the lock pattern, plus will supply the extra features. Like, such as getting to understand the simple information on the device, app information, backup of the phone, putting in inventory firmware documents, and many extra different features.

What is Android Multi-Tool?

This is an Android multi-tool (v1.02b), which was developed to be established on home windows computers. Like your desire to flash the cell phone, go beforehand to use the proper facet of this tool.

Deploy updates associated with new aspects of the phone, flash the ROM, get the root permission of the Android phone, and get different extra facets of it. Android Multi Tools is like a one-stop-shop for Android users.

By means of having this device hooked up on your Windows computer. You don’t want to go to the carrier core to unravel any hassle with your Android phone.

Unlock the locked sample of the phone:

So in this post, you will study how to release the lock sample of any android cellphone you are using. Download Android multi-tools from the given download link. We have already given you the link.

Simply tap on the download button and if the hyperlink no longer works, please do remark in the section. Install the documents on your Windows computer and be mindful. That the device is solely developed for Windows users.

For Mac and Unix users, the device simply no longer works. Launch the device on your computer. Connect one aspect of the fact cable to the phone, and a different facet of the computer

Remember to replace the USB drivers for your computer

Although the MTP driver comes default on Windows. Every so often they simply do not work. So get the drivers associated with your Android phone. Selected to get the ultra-modern model of it.

And faucet on equipment options. Click on the eliminated lock sample alternative. Which will be given on the proper of the Tools options. And inside a few minutes. You will get the telephone eliminated from the block pattern.

You can even go with the examine lock pattern. Or pass the lock of the phone, and select which one you like. That way, you can pick out any of the options, like getting to comprehend the primary information on the phone. Install firmware archives on your phone, or create the partitions of the cellphone and plenty more.

To set up flash archives or put in the firmware on your phone, you want to create a backup of the phone. Because the firmware setup can lead you to a dead-end. And you can also lose the information by doing this.

Characteristics of Android Multi Tools:

Android Multi Tools is one of the satisfactory equipment to get the job accordingly.

  • By getting this on your Windows computer, you can repair any error on your cellular phone.
  • Unlock the lock sample of the cell phone
  • Read the data on the phone, fundamental information, or popular info
  • Directly go into quick boot mode
  • Wipe the statistics off; you don’t want to deploy customized healing TWRP.
  • Rest your Android phone put in a remember of second
  • Bypass Gmail account on the phone

Install the ultra-modern firmware archives of your Android cell phone

The device is like-minded with all variations (Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8)
The device absolutely affords some stunning features. The aspects which can assist to keep you your cash way of no longer traveling to the provider center.


So, download this device from the given download link. Users the latest and updated hyperlink is already here. Just faucet it on the download button and get it on your computer. If the hyperlink does now not work, please do remark in the remarks section.

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March 28, 2024