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Greenify Donate Pro Mod Apk

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Android 11.0 & Up
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Greenify Donate Pro Mod Apk Review

Greenify Donate Pro Mod Apk (Latest v4.7.8) For Android. I’ll share an Android app called Greenify that I believe you’re still unfamiliar with. However, this greenify program, friend, has ultimately generated a lot of discussion among users.

You can use this Greenify Pro Apk, my buddy, to reduce the amount of storage space on your Android phone and save money. in order for your cellphone to function properly. Therefore, if you haven’t downloaded this application yet and you still haven’t used it, do so right away.

Apk Features

  • Greenie system applications (now without Xposed)
  • Allow GCM to push for dormant applications.
  • Find out “who” woke the dormant apps, and if necessary, block the wake-up path.
  • waking timer coming together

v4.7.8 Yang Baru

  • For a better task-switching experience, background-free apps won’t immediately go into hibernation by default because they rarely use memory (only temporary caches) and have little effect on battery life and device performance.
  • Automatic hibernation in non-root mode can now be stopped more reliably by pressing the power button.
  • Fix The “Reattach broad cut-off” menu option.

The initial step in installing this program is to download the Greenify application.

  1. After that, you install the program.
  2. Start the app.

The following screen will then appear:

  • Choose the app you wish to hibernate.

If you uncheck the box next to the application you initially selected, it will thereafter automatically go into hibernation and become active once more.

Additional Information

August 16, 2023
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