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Start free download KeePassX For Mac OS v2.66 (Latest Version) Free Download from here. Keepass is one of the best Password Manager software for different kinds of operating systems. But in this article, we are here and we have the latest version Keepass For Mac Free download. Keepass is an open-source and free password manager software. You can download this software for your Mac Os X.

The best advantage of this tool is to manage any password in a very unique ability shield master. You can key logger from the dialogue over secure operating systems. Like many other password managers. This software is also a free license so you can easily download this software for your Mac OS X.

Ace Key Password

this one saves a rundown of passwords behind tight encryption. Therefore passwords must be opened by giving the ace key. It can also have a developer password generator. When if utilized, gives an additional layer of security while picking passwords for different online administrations. The KeePass is developed by German developers. They keep this program updated for their users so the users can get the updated setup of this software.

The developers allow you to maintain a list of third-party plugins for Keepass V2.66. You can easily integrate the other password manager applications to replace the default firefox manager password. You can easily take a backup of your other passwords manager password and restore them here.

Easily Save Url & Password

A considerable measure of work went into making this program. It’s to a great degree astonishing that it’s available as an open-source Licence. Obviously, on the off chance that you discover the program valuable, you’re allowed to help the task on their site. For batter management, the KeePass saves different info which is related to the user. Such as username, password, URLs, and other related information.

The entries are available in a sorted group and you can also customize them easily. You can also find a database of a single group using the search box. The software contains a small size so you can easily manage this on any operating OS. This setup is compatible with Mac OS X

With such a significant number of passwords to recollect and the need for valuable passwords to ensure your profitable information, it’s pleasant to have KeePass to deal with your passwords secure. Download KeePass For Mac puts every one of your passwords in an exceedingly scrambled database and locks them with one ace key or a key document.

KeePass For Mac Features:

  • Users name and password are encrypted.
  • The password hash is SHA-256.
  • There is no attack are known in SHA-256.
  • Protect your password from a dictionary attack.
  • KeyPass is protectable.
  • No one can hack your password by guessing it.
  • Search in a password database as possible.

You can easily download KeePassX For Mac OS from the given download link below just click on the given download link and the download will start.

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New Version Keepass v2.51 ===> Free Download

Keepass 2.0.3 ⇉  Download Setup

Old Version

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October 6, 2022