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Magic Call Mod Apk Review

Free download Magic Call Mod APK v1.6.0 Latest Version for Android. Magic Call Mod APK is a voice changer app developed by BNG MOBILE. This application lets you change your voice when on a phone call for no longer than a minute. You can alter your voice during a call by opening the app, choosing the voice you want to use then clicking the button to call the person you wish to change your voice to.

Select from a wide range of voice effects that transform your voice into a cartoon woman or even a dream girl. Additionally, you can alter the background sound effects such as rain or traffic noise and so on. Additionally, sounds emoticons like kisses, claps, and other sounds are also playable.

Features of Magic Call Mod APK

Real-Time Voice Changer

Create your voice to sound as you like just by pushing the button. For example, you can alter genders and ages and cartoon voices while you are on call for work or messaging via social media applications.

Switch Voices

It is easy to change between one another in real-time. This is a truly amazing feature, as it allows you to switch your voice from female to man, kids, and any character from cartoons with ease. So download this app and impress your friends with calls.

Free Credits

Are you looking to collect some credits for free? Play The Magic Call Mod Apk and get an unlimited amount of bonus credits for signing up. Why are you wasting time downloading it? Download it at and take advantage of the credit cards for free.

Test Voice

This is a fantastic feature to test your voice and see what it will sound when you play a prank phone call with your buddies. You can test your fake voice before making your real voice.

Cheapest Method

There is a myriad of apps on the marketplace for voice changers. However, they’re not for free. They charge a set amount to use it. However, Magic Call is free for unlimited usage. Create a call with your buddies as many times as you’d like.


Utilizing the magic call app, you can share with your phone contacts distinctive sound emoticons such as “Kisses” or “Claps.” With this application, you’ll never be bored since it offers plenty of features for free.

Refer and Win

You will be provided with an individual URL within your account. You can share that URL with your friends in order to earn various rewards, like credits, once they download the app from the Google Play Store. The more you share the URL, the more you be rewarded by this application—the magic Call app.

Final Words

If you are looking to play amusing pranks for your friends, this application is ideal for you. With this magic call application, you can alter the voice of men, women, and other famous cartoon characters. Use only for fun. Use this application only for fun. for any other reason. The developers and we who created this application are not in any way responsible for any problems.

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July 31, 2023
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