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Nokia PC Suite

Our site presents the latest version of the Nokia Suite. This is proprietary software that contains a set of useful utilities. Designed to synchronize a personal computer and mobile phone. Nokia communicator or smartphone, and edit information. 

The specialized application is easy to download and install. It will be a real find for owners of Nokia phones. Depending on the model of mobile equipment. A certain set of actions is available to the user.

Benefits of Nokia PC Suite

Nokia’s specialized phone application contains many useful features for using all the available features. That cannot be used for viewing with a USB connection. The updated version of the Nokia Suite for Windows has the following advantages.

  • A nice interface,
  • free,
  • speedy,
  • and has many options. 

Another advantage of the updated software is the ability to connect a standard phone. That is not equipped with an operating system. Functional software Nokia PC Suite is a quality product that is designed for use with equipment models of one of the most famous manufacturers in the world.

Screenshots of Nokia PC Suite:

System requirements

Downloading Nokia Suite from the official site is easy and convenient. This application will work correctly under the following conditions:

  • operating system Windows XP, 2000, 7, 8, Vista;
  • 150 MB of free hard disk space;
  • access to PC administrator rights;
  • the presence of a USB cable, a working infrared port, and Bluetooth.

No treatment is required. The interface language is Russian, English, etc. During the installation, the setup wizard checks the supported models. And tests the phone for support of available functions.

Features of Nokia Suite

The application, developed by a well-known manufacturer of mobile equipment, is a collection of useful utilities. Nokia Suite for Windows allows you to find and download available updates for your phone. 

This software helps to exchange files with a computer and perform basic actions to synchronize data. Interaction is carried out using a wireless connection or a standard USB cable.

A software developer is constantly improving his solution by adding new features and capabilities. The current version of the application is available on our website. After downloading the Nokia Suite. You should unzip the archive and then launch the exe file. To access the Internet through a telephone. You will need to configure parameters such as login and password. 

These are necessary for situations where the smartphone is used as a modem. Nokia Suite software for Android. Designed to facilitate the work of users of computer equipment and mobile devices, is equipped with a convenient window for work. A visualized and simple interface will be clear even to inexperienced users. 

The application will become a reliable assistant to owners of phones. Smartphones, and communicators who need to view, edit, download, and update information on mobile equipment.

Among the features that this application has, it is worth noting:

  • editing and creating backups, installing maps;
  • operational synchronization between computer and telephone;
  • transferring photos, images, music, and video files to a smartphone;
  • use of the communicator as a modem for access to the worldwide network;
  • changing the phone book, and contacts, deleting messages (SMS and MMS);
  • sending messages directly from a personal computer;
  • updating smartphone/communicator firmware via the Internet;
  • installation of various gaming applications;
  • manage calendar entries, and search for music.

Opening the Nokia Suite software. The user sees the main window in which all available functions are marked. Pointing the mouse at any icon. You can read its meaning and the main features. 

It’s easy to start solving a problem. just click on a specific icon. For example, a mechanism for creating backup information from a smartphone is available. If the memory card has been formatted. Then you can not worry about the data. Since they are all located on the PC.

The merits and functionality of the PC Suite have been appreciated by tens of thousands of users around the world. This useful program is a convenient tool that facilitates the use of phones by famous manufacturers. Helps to download and install applications necessary for work and entertainment.

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Nokia PC Suite Free Download

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January 25, 2024
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