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Volcano v3.1.10 Full Setup

Volcano Box v3.1.10 Full Setup Latest Version Without Box Free Download here. To flash the Chines mobile phones. The flashers always use the Box Setup Crack. If you also want to flash any Chinese phones Just install the latest version of Crack Setup Of Volcano Box.

You can also flash or reset your china mobile phones using the Box. This tool is specially designed for unlocking Chinese mobile gadgets. If you also have a locked Chinese phone so easily unlock your device using the Volcano Box.

Nowadays there is a heavy range of Chinese mobiles in the market. Nowadays this is a very easy method to flash Chinese mobile phones using Volcano Box Crack Setup. This is the latest version and is newly updated. So, you can easily download the latest version by clicking on the given download link below. 

You can also flash many other models using this box-like Samsung, LG, Nokia, and all over Chinese mobile phones using simple and easy stuff. Easily you can read and write the full firmware of MTK devices here.

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If you have to change your phone’s IMEI just do this by using Volcano to do this you have to just follow some simple steps and you successfully read and write your Phone IMEI. You can check your phone’s Model number, IMEI number, and software version using Volcano.

MTK supported features

  •         Read/Write Flash
  •         AutoFormat
  •         Safe Format
  •         Custom Format
  •         NV Backup
  •         Import/Export Phone Book
  •         Repair Signal
  •         Decrypt Barcode
  •         Address Format
  •         Software Repair
  •         USB Read/Write
  •         Repair invalid IMEI

    SPD CPU Supported features

  •         Read/Write Flash
  •         Read/Write NV
  •         Latest 6800H support
  •         SPD 6610/20 support
  •         8800H/S support

MSTAR CPU Supported features

  •         Flash
  •         Find phone lock

    Infineon CPU Support by Volcano Box

  •         7870 – Read/Write Flash
  •         7870 – Decryption
  •         7880 – Read/Write Flash
  •         7880 – Decryption
  •         7890 – Read/Write Flash
  •         7900 – Read/Write Flash

Volcano Box Hardware possibility   

  • Digital resistance
  • Complete GND and VCC control functions
  •  Set pull up/down to any pinout
  •  Box selects resistor value from 390 ohm – 800K
  •   Eagle Eye function
  •   Internal powerful CPLD
  •   Better software and hardware protected the design
  •   More reasonable USB pathway design
  •   Test battery

You can easily use this Flashing Box v3.1.10 to Read and save your phone’s flash file on your PC. This setup is comfortable for all Windows operating systems and this is also comfortable for your Windows 10 Operating system. To flash or unlock your phone using the Volcano Box just download the setup from the given download link and install it on your PC.

Download Link

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March 22, 2024
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